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Equine Wellness Program

Preventive Care for Horses in Elkhorn, WI

Horses are steadfast companions and work partners, and they need a lifetime of comprehensive care to remain healthy and active. For excellent preventative and medical care to keep them in the best shape for the maximum number of years, we offer a complete Equine Wellness Exam Program. This program is designed to accommodate both your financial needs and your horse’s personal health needs.

Equine Exam Services Covered in this Program:

  • 2 general exams (spring and fall)
  • 1 annual Coggins test
  • 1 dental exam
  • A level 1 dental procedure with sedation
  • 1 fecal egg count
  • Annual vaccinations that include:
    • Rabies
    • Tetanus toxoid
    • Easter & Western encephalomyelitis
    • West Nile Virus
    • Potomac Horse Fever
    • Influenza (spring and fall)
    • Rhinopneumonitis (spring and fall)
  • Nutrition and weight management consult (spring and fall)
  • Medical record sheet

Clients can receive additional savings with:

  • Imaging: digital X-ray, digital ultrasound, video endoscopy, and video gastroscopy
  • All laboratory work
  • All blood work
  • Lameness exams
  • Colic exams
  • Additional vaccinations
  • Additional fecal egg counts
  • Microchipping

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