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Does Your Horse Have Stomach Ulcers?

At some time in their career, almost all performance horses will have an ulcer. The most common sign that your horse has gastric ulcers is poor performance. The horse’s attitude will worsen; he may get “cinchy” or resistant to the leg. Horses with ulcers may have poor appetites and lose weight, have poor hair coats, and suffer from recurrent colic. A definitive diagnosis is made via gastroscopy – a 3 meter endoscope passed down the esophagus into the horse’s stomach which allows the veterinarian to view the esophagus, stomach, and entrance to the duodenum.

On September 19th we’ll be hosting a gastroscopy clinic where our veterinarians will be performing gastroscopies on 10 – 12 horses. That evening we’ll go over the day’s findings and learn the signs, causes and preventive measures related to gastric ulcers. Call or email our clinic if you would like to have your horsed scoped and/or find out more about Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

Road Construction: You CAN get here from there!

Once again, it’s road construction season in Wisconsin and State Road 67, which runs in front of our clinic is getting a face lift. Although you’ll see the road construction signs and barriers from Hwy 43 to our north and Hwy 50 to our south, don’t be deterred, you still have complete access to the Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic. 

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