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Road Construction: You CAN get here from there!

Once again, it’s road construction season in Wisconsin and State Road 67, which runs in front of our clinic is getting a face lift. Although you’ll see the road construction signs and barriers from Hwy 43 to our north and Hwy 50 to our south, don’t be deterred, you still have complete access to the Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic. 

Ticks Arrive with Springtime Temperatures

The return of Spring is a happily anticipated event here in the upper midwest. The extended day length and warmer weather motivate us to get outside with our pets, playing fetch in parks and hiking or riding our horses in the woods. Warm weather also motivates tick activity as they become active at 45℉. Pets playing in wooded areas are now likely to pick up a few “hitchhikers”. Ticks carry a number of diseases that affect our pets and us: lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and more. For dogs, an annual blood test is an excellent screen to determine exposure to the diseases. Targeted diagnostic blood tests are performed when horses and pets present with signs of disease.

Ultimately, prevention is key to keeping our pets healthy. We recommend lyme vaccination for our canine patients. Although there is no labeled lyme vaccine for horses, there is evidence that using the canine lyme vaccine for horses is effective. Performing  daily tick checks and proper removal of the offender can limit exposure to disease. But principally, we recommend flea and tick preventives, Bravecto and Frontline Gold for dogs and cats, and Vectra 3D for horses. These products kill fleas and ticks, helping to keep your and your home free of those nasty bugs, too.

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