Bovine Care

The Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic large animal doctors service the area’s dairy and livestock producers. From regularly scheduled herd health checks to serious emergency care, our veterinarians are well-equipped and well-versed in caring for our bovine clients.

Newborn calf with its mother in a field.

Services We Provide for Bovines

  • Reproduction management – This includes monthly routine reproduction management, diagnostic ultrasound, fetal sexing, pre-breeding, post-breeding, and postpartum exams
  • Preventive care – Making sure all animals are as disease-resistant as possible with vaccinations and parasite prevention
  • General medicine – Individual exams, milk cultures, lab testing, and consultations regarding the nutritional management of the herd
  • Surgery – Castration, dehorning, displaced abomasum, C-section, and mass removal
  • Radiology – We use digital X-ray to examine lame or injured animals for broken bones and other hidden issues
  • 24/7 emergency services for established clients

Get to Know Our Large Animal Veterinarians

Meet the veterinarians of our large animal department and learn a little bit more about them.


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