Large Animal & Equine Emergency Vet Care in Elkhorn, WI

At Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic, a veterinarian is always available to provide large animal and equine emergency vet care in Elkhorn, WI, or to answer questions about your horse's, bovine's, or small ruminant's health. We can treat your animal in-hospital during our regular office hours, or we can come to your farm in one of our fully-stocked veterinary trucks. A veterinarian is also always on call during the holidays.

Call Us Right Away

We treat all acute cases as emergencies, as they can worsen very quickly and threaten your horse’s, bovine's, or small ruminant's health. At any sign of pregnancy issues or sudden illness or injury, call (262) 723-2644 immediately.

Equine Emergency Vet Care Elkhorn, WI