News Of The Month

The holidays bring the joy of new puppies, kittens and adopted older pets. New furry family members should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Your veterinarian will discuss current and future health recommendations as well as training advice. The first visit is also a good time to have your pet microchipped. And for those of you knowing someone getting a pet for the holidays, veterinary gift certificates make great gifts!

Make certain that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date if you are planning to board him or her this holiday season. You can sign in to your Petly account or call us if you have any questions

Elkhorn Vet Highlights...

The Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic recently purchased a video endoscope for use with small animal, horses and farm animals. The endoscope is a camera on the end of either a rigid or flexible tube which delivers the image to a large color monitor. Our endoscope also gives us the option to biopsy an area as well as grasp and remove some tissues or foreign bodies. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that lets us view, evaluate, and treat areas inside the body. There are many possibilities for its use. In small animal, we can more thoroughly examine ears and flush them if necessary. We’ve used the endoscope to view tumors and foreign bodies in various body cavities with a minimum of stress to the pet. And we’re using it in surgeries such as OCD lesion repair. Our equine veterinarians have been busy using the longer flexible endoscopes to diagnose and treat upper airway disease. Our longest scope, the gastroscope, can reach the stomach of the horse and is being used to identify gastric disease such as ulcers. We’re proud to add this advanced diagnostic and treatment tool to our other great diagnostic devices.

Horse owners interested in saving 25% on preventive care should check out our 2017 Equine Wellness Program. New this year is our preventive care payment plan!.

Equine Wellness Program

Preventive care is the cornerstone to good health. Our Equine Wellness Program provides high-quality, affordable preventive care. Enrolled horses are eligible for discounts on additional services and products

Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Herbs, and Therapy Laser may be used as primary or adjunct therapies to treat many of the health problems that afflict pets, horses, and livestock...

House Calls

Let us make it easier for you to provide veterinary care for your pet by coming directly to your home. Our house calls offer services in the privacy of your home with full access to the diagnostic capabilities and care of our clinic...

Dental Care

Consistent dental care improves your pet’s quality of life by preventing systemic disease, oral pain, tooth loss and bad breath. Our Dental Incentive Program rewards clients for following good dental health guidelines...