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Although many clients start worrying about fleas and ticks when the weather turns warm, but these creepy crawlies are actually a year round problem. To keep your pets, house, and you free from infestation, continuous flea and tick control is much more effective than sporadic treatment. Dog owners may be interested in one of the newer products on the market, Bravecto®. Bravecto® is a chewable tablet that kills fleas within 4 hours and ticks within 12 hours with protection lasting for 12 weeks. This chewable form of flea and tick control means no skin irritation, no odor, and no greasy spot to get on children, furniture, or other pets. And there are no worries that giving your dog a bath or allowing him or her to swim will reduce protection. Feel free to call us to find out if Bravecto® would be right for your dog.

Elkhorn Vet Highlights...

June is bringing changes to the Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic. First, we have a new small animal veterinarian, Dr. Nikki Preston. Dr. Preston is a recent University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine graduate. She’s looking forward to meeting all of you and your pets. Secondly, beginning June 15 we will extend our small animal office hours to include being open until 7 pm on Monday and until 1 pm on Saturday. We’re sure these recent additions will be of great value to all of our established and new clients and their four-legged friends.

As a side note, we’re still recommending that your dog receive the canine influenza virus vaccination. Please call today for an appointment.

Equine Wellness Program

Preventive care is the cornerstone to good health. Our Equine Wellness Program provides high-quality, affordable preventive care. Enrolled horses are eligible for discounts on additional services and products

Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Herbs, and Therapy Laser may be used as primary or adjunct therapies to treat many of the health problems that afflict pets, horses, and livestock...

House Calls

Let us make it easier for you to provide veterinary care for your pet by coming directly to your home. Our house calls offer services in the privacy of your home with full access to the diagnostic capabilities and care of our clinic...

Dental Care

Consistent dental care improves your pet’s quality of life by preventing systemic disease, oral pain, tooth loss and bad breath. Our Dental Incentive Program rewards clients for following good dental health guidelines...


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