Pet Retail Product Center

Our Retail Convenience Center offers a wide variety of specialty
products for both large and small animals including:

    • Hills Prescription Diets
    • Eukanuba Diets
    • Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins
    • Dental Care Products
    • Flea Control Products
    • Grooming Aids
    • Dewormers
    • Livestock Feed Additives
    • Joint Supplements
Hill Prescription Diet Equi-shine
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$25 Rebate on Prescription Diet Foods/food and veterinary services with an additional $10 rebate once the $25 is redeemed.
$3.00 Coupon on Prescription Diet and/or Science Diet Foods
$5.00 Coupons on Science Diet Foods – Make a healthy difference in you pet and take the 3-Bag Challenge!
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