Small Ruminants

Small Ruminants (Goats, Sheep, Llamas, and Alpacas)

Goats pic - elkhorn vet clinicIn conjunction with our bovine and equine practice, our doctors are very familiar with the health needs of small ruminants. We understand that flocks may range from pets, to small hobby farms, to large production flocks.

Services provided for small ruminants include (but are not limited to):

  • Preventive Care – disease prevention through vaccinations, parasite control, and routine Alapaca - Vet - Elkhornmedical evaluations, microchips, nutritional management and consultation.
  • Medical Case Management – the treatment of respiratory disease, intestinal disorders, dermatologic disorders, urinary disorders.
  • Reproductive Services – ultrasound for breeding and pregnancy evaluation, reproductive management consultation, and neonatal exams.
  • Surgery – castration, dehorning, mass removal.
  • Prepurchase Exams
  • Radiology – lame or injured animals can be radiographed utilizing our digital x-ray machine.

We provide emergency service for established clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.