Equine Wellness Program

Multiple Horse Discount for clients with 3 or More Horses!

For the horse owners in our practice wanting assurance that their horse is receiving essential preventive care, the Equine Wellness Program is an excellent and affordable option. The fee for the 2018 Equine Wellness Program is $425, which represents a 25% savings plus protection from price increases throughout the year. You may also take advantage of our equine wellness program payment plan – pay half down and have the next five months to pay the remainder in five equal credit card installments.

Clients never lose money with our Equine Wellness Program, as funds remaining at the end of the year may be applied to the next year’s wellness program or used to pay for other services provided by our clinic.

The following is a list of services included in the Equine Wellness Program:

  • Two general exams (spring & fall)
  • Annual Coggins test
  • One dental exam
  • One dental level 1 with sedation
  • One fecal egg count
  • Annual vaccinations:
    • Tetanus toxoid
    • Eastern & Western encephalomyelitis
    • West Nile Virus
    • Rabies
    • Potomac Horse Fever
    • Influenza (spring & fall)
    • Rhinopneumonitis (spring & fall)
  • Nutrition & weight management consult (spring & fall)
  • Medical record sheet


Unlike wellness programs at other clinics, with our program the client has the choice of veterinarian and appointment date and time. Horses enrolled are eligible for further discounts on services such as colic exams,  lameness exams, radiographs, limb ultrasounds, blood work as well as additional vaccinations, fecal egg counts and paste dewormers.

2019 Wellness Brochure