Equine Reproduction

Complete mare reproductive management · Insemination services · Embryo transfer · Post-foaling examinations

The Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic offers clients complete mare reproductive management. All of our veterinarians use ultrasound to scan the uterus and ovaries to aid in determining the reproductive status of the mare. Through this diagnostic scan, problems can be assessed and addressed such as large cysts or fluid in the uterus, either pre- or post-breeding. Pregnancy in the mare is generally ascertained at 15 days post-breeding with a follow-up ultrasound at 25 days to visualize the embryo’s heartbeat.

Mares may be inseminated with fresh, fresh-cooled, or frozen semen, depending upon the client’s situation. Our clinic has liquid nitrogen tanks available to use for storage of frozen straws of semen if the choice is frozen semen. For convenience, some clients prefer to stable the mare at the clinic for the few days when the mare is actually to be inseminated.


Embryo transfer is another service offered at the Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic. Flushing of the embryo occurs when the embryo is 7 days of age and unable to be seen by the naked eye. The client may provide the recipient mares and our veterinarian will do the transfer at the clinic. Many clients prefer to send their embryos to an off-site embryo transfer facility. We can ship the embryo to the facility of the client’s choice.

Our service doesn’t stop when the mare is safely in foal. Clients receive notice of when, according to AAEP guidelines, the mare should be vaccinated throughout her pregnancy. If the client wishes, email reminders can also be sent for appointment reminders. When the mare foals, the mare and foal receive a medical exam to make sure both are healthy and that the foal has received ample colostrum from the mare. It’s comforting to our clients to know that our veterinarians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of any problems.