Equine Surgery Services Elkhorn, WI

Our large animal veterinarians are available to provide equine surgery services Elkhorn, WI to your horses whenever you need them. With years of experience working with horses and improving their quality of life with excellent medicine, Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve such a broad area and be trusted with the health of your animals.

Veterinarian examining horse leg tendons.

Surgical Services

Our surgical services for horses are mainly focused on:

  • Castration and cryptorchid castration (males)
  • Ovariectomy (females)
  • Mass removals
  • Laceration repairs

We can perform equine surgeries at our hospital or at your farm. Regardless, your horse will receive the appropriate monitoring and aftercare from our team.

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Emergency Surgery

In addition, we can also connect you with one of our veterinarians if you have a horse requiring emergency surgery. Because we always have at least one doctor available 24/7, your horse should never have to go without care when they need it most. We have multiple hospital vehicles available so we can bring our services to you.