Preventive Care for Horses in Elkhorn, WI

Prevention is critical to maintaining your horse’s health and happiness. At Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic, preventive care is not limited to vaccinations and dental care. Instead, it encompasses a wide range of services including wellness exams, internal parasite control, screening blood work and nutritional consultations.

Quality Care and Timely Service

Our 6 equine/large animal veterinarians are experienced in treating a wide range of equine health problems and regularly meet to discuss certain cases to determine the best treatment plan. We are also flexible and can give our clients the option of bringing their horse to our clinic for treatment in one of our 3 available stalls or having us visit their farm with one of our fully-stocked veterinary trucks.

For your peace of mind, a large animal veterinarian is always available during the holidays, on weekends, and after our regular business hours. This way there will always be a skilled veterinarian available to care for your horse and livestock.

Our Equine Vaccination Guidelines

Vaccinations are critical to the prevention of many equine diseases. Our practice follows the AAEP’s (American Association of Equine Practitioners) recommended vaccination guidelines for core and risk-based vaccines. Some horses, due to medical conditions, may require modifications to the guidelines. As with all procedures, our veterinarians take each horse’s welfare in mind when vaccinating. We urge you to speak with us regarding your concerns about vaccinating your horse.

Internal Parasite Recommendations for Equines

Past indiscriminate deworming has created internal parasites that are highly resistant to current dewormers. We recommend identifying and classifying horses based on their internal parasite load through fecal egg counts and deworming them accordingly.


Our Equine Wellness Program

To ensure that your horse receives excellent comprehensive care throughout their lifetime, Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic offers the Equine Wellness Program. This program is designed to accommodate your financial needs, your horse’s medical needs, and your personal preferences.

  • 2 general exams (for spring and fall)
  • An annual Coggins test
  • 1 dental exam
  • A level 1 or 2 dental procedure with sedation
  • 1 fecal egg count
  • Annual vaccinations that include:
    • Rabies
    • Tetanus toxoid
    • Eastern & Western encephalomyelitis
    • West Nile virus
    • Potomac Horse Fever
    • Influenza (for spring and fall)
    • Rhinopneumonitis (for spring and fall)
  • Nutrition and weight management consult (for spring and fall)
  • Medical record sheet
  • Imaging: digital X-ray, digital ultrasound, video endoscopy, and video gastroscopy
  • Blood work
  • Lameness exams
  • Colic exams (for 2019)
  • Additional vaccinations
  • Additional fecal egg counts
  • Microchipping

Download the Equine Wellness Program brochure here and visit us to learn more.