Equine Preventive Care

Vaccinations •  Internal parasite control •  Dental health •  Nutritional counseling •  Equine Wellness Program

The Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic Ltd believes that routine annual medical exams, vaccinations, deworming, and dental exams are imperative to keeping your horse healthy. Therefore, we make preventive medicine the hallmark of our care. To prove this point, we offer an Equine Wellness Program that offers all of our recommended vaccinations, dental exams, deworming, and nutrition and weight management consultation at a 25% savings to our clients.


Vaccinations are important to keeping your horse healthy. They help protect your horse against life threatening diseases and diseases that can severely affect its health and performance. For more information, click on the Equine Vaccination Brochure below:

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Guidelines for internal parasite control have changed over the years as parasites have become more resistant to the available deworming products. The Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic recommends a targeted deworming program, aimed at identifying low, medium, and highly parasitized horses and then deworming accordingly. For more information, click on the Equine Deworming Recommendation Brochure below:

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Dental care is important in maintaining the overall health and proper weight of your horse as well as optimizing performance. Our dental care services range from simple floats to more involved care such as tooth extraction. The following is an excellent video explaining how horses’ teeth grow and the need for dental care:

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Feeding horses can be a daunting task as nutritional needs vary between animals depending upon their age, health status, work, and housing. Our veterinarians offer nutritional consultations to guide clients in feeding their horses to reach their maximum potential.

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