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The Winter “Whoa’s” of Horse Care

Surviving winter with horses in the upper midwest can be difficult. Here are a few tips for caring for your horses when the snow starts to fly: Feed for heat: As the temperature drops, your horse burns more calories to stay warm. Hay not only provides calories, but is an excellent source of fiber, which provides…

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Confidentiality of Veterinary Records

You expect your doctor and dentist to keep your personal medical records private. But what about your pet’s veterinary record? Your pet’s medical records belong to the veterinarian caring for the animal. As the owner of the animal, you are entitled to receive a copy of those records upon request. But what happens when you…

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My horse’s urine looks red or orange in the snow, is it bloody?

  This is a really common question that we hear every year during the winter months, when there is snow on the ground. People usually notice red, orange or brown spots in the snow and ice where their horses have urinated.  Normal horse urine sometimes turns red or brown after standing for a while. This is due…

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Preventing Tick-Borne Disease

Prevention is the key to keeping your pet healthy and free of tick-borne disease such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis. Many of you attended our tick-borne disease seminars last month. For those that couldn’t attend and for those that did, we’d like to reiterate the preventive measures that were discussed. Reduce Tick Habitat Reducing…

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Online Pharmacies Not Always Your Best Bet

It never makes sense to overpay for medications or veterinary care. Let’s face it though, the past few years have required quite a bit more belt-tightening.  Many pet owners will turn to online pharmacies to ease the burden on their wallet. Price should not be the only driving factor in making your medication purchases. Consider…

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TightRope Cruciate Surgery at Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic

Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) surgery is the most commonly performed veterinary orthopedic surgery. Although there are several CCL surgical methods used in the canine patient, the TightRope should be considered due to it being a less invasive procedure with fewer risks and less expensive than other methods.   The dog’s stifle joint is similar to…

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Protect Pets from Harmful Foods this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for feasting on rich foods and drinks. Many of us like to celebrate with our pets and think giving them a few scraps from the table “just this once” can’t hurt. Think twice, however, before sharing your food with your dog or cat and be aware of the harmful effects…

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Is Something Bugging Your Pet?

Fleas are a common problem with pets in Wisconsin, especially during late summer and early fall. Fleas are small, brown or black, wingless insects with flattened bodies. These blood-sucking insects cause considerable irritation and distress to infested pets. The best places to look for fleas on your pet are the hindquarters, base of the tail,…

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Handy Tips for a Healthy Holiday

The holiday season can be a stressful time for pets. Many households are very busy, which creates near constant stimulation – garage doors are opening and closing, doorbells are ringing, excited children wanting to play, food everywhere, and noises of all kinds surround your pet. Unfortunately, there are many potential health problems that can arise…

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