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Endoscopy Allows Pets to Avoid Abdominal Surgery

Dr. Tucker is a hero to a couple of puppies and their owners. Both dogs (we’ll call them Spot and Rover) have a history of eating things like rocks and socks and came to the clinic with digestive problems. Dr. Tucker suspected a foreign body. (With an x-ray, she actually saw a rock in Spot’s stomach.)…

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Annual Spring Horse Owner’s Seminar

Please Join us March 11! Our annual spring seminar for horse owners is slated for Wednesday, March 11 at Sperino’s Monte Carlo Room in Elkhorn. This year’s principal speaker will be Dr. Bob Stenbom who will talk about Caring for the Geriatric Horse and also Horse Immunity and the Need for Annual Vaccinations. Dr. Stenbom…

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TightRope Cruciate Surgery at Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic

Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) surgery is the most commonly performed veterinary orthopedic surgery. Although there are several CCL surgical methods used in the canine patient, the TightRope should be considered due to it being a less invasive procedure with fewer risks and less expensive than other methods.   The dog’s stifle joint is similar to…

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